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Howard Stephen Berg

The information your decisions depend upon doubles every six months, but the average reading speed is only 200 words per minute.   How can you keep up?

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Howard Stephen Berg can read this entire page and another as well.  Recognized as the world's fastest reader (Guinness Book Of World Records, 1990), Howard offers revolutionary knowledge-management strategies that are proven to double your associates' learning speeds.

Trained in Psychobiology, Howard knows how train your associates to tap into their brain's ability to learn and use information 100% faster or more.

Howard teaches how to learn anything faster with better comprehension, remember and recall the information when you need to use it, and how to create the perfect emotional state for successfully applying what you learn.

Howard has over 30 years experience training corporations, associations, learning institutions, non-profits, and more on how to empower their associates with the learning skills necessary for success, and has trained many Fortune 500 Corporations like JC Penney, Sears, Rockwell, Prudential Realty and more.

Howard does more than simply train your associates on how to learn faster, he will show them how to make the information you share with your prospects and clients:  (1) easier to understand, (2) easy to remember and recall when they need to use it, and (3) how to create the emotional states needed to successfully use this information.

Howard's work has been hailed as a major breakthrough in Forbe's FYI, RedBook, Selling, Men's Health, on over 1,100 radio and television programs, and in dozens of newspapers around the world.

Howard's Time-Warner Book, "Super Reading Secrets," is in its 28th reprint.   Barrons Books requested Howard to write an accelerated learning book for students, and Nightingale-Conant has sold over $65 million dollars of his programs.

In his spare time, Howard is a member of Rotary, swims four miles a week, lifts weights, bikes, does yoga,  plays guitar, and enjoys going to the movies and shows with Vicki, his wife of 22 years.

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