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How To Double Corporate Productivity While Exploding Profits And Increasing Creativity

"Today's marketing is becoming a battle based more on ownership of information than on ownership of other resources.   Competitors can copy each other's equipment, products, and procedures, but they cannot duplicate the company's information and intellectual capital.   The company's information content may constitute its chief competitive advantage."   

Philip Kotler, Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University

In a single session, Howard Berg, the world's fastest reader, will take your corporation's learning into the 21st century with revolutionary knowledge-management strategies that will:

  • Increase reading speed to stay on top of the mission critical information success depends upon
  • Maximize comprehension of even complex material to empower great decisions
  • Reveal how to develop a laser sharp memory to be able to recall and use information when you need to use it.
  • Demonstrate how to eliminate writer's block to get your projects done on time...all the time.
  • Show how to develop the single most important skill for success...emotional intelligence.
  • Much, much more

Howard's ability to blend side splitting humor while exploding your associates' ability to learn and use information makes him a meeting planners dream speaker.

This is a hands on presentation that will boost your productivity and profits with cutting edge strategies guaranteed to please your audience.

Maximum Power Reading For Corporation

What You'll Discover In Just A Few Short Hours...

I.  How Your Mind Decodes Text:  Find the secret to how your brain understands text, and how to use this information not only for learning, but also for creating corporate documents that are easy for your prospects and clients to comprehend.

II.  How To Increase Your Reading Speed:  Learn revolutionary strategies for increasing your reading speed by 100% or more in a single session--guaranteed!

III.  Strategies For Maximizing Comprehension:  Learn how  to easily understand even complex information to empower better decisions, increase productivity, explode innovation, and maximize profits.

IV.  Reading For Comprehension:  Discover how to adjust your reading skills to accommodate different types of reading material with varying learning needs in a snap.

V.  Know Precisely What To Learn:  Learn to anticipate the questions your prospects and clients will ask in meetings so you have the answers on the tip of your tongue every time.

VI.  How To Develop A Laser Sharp Memory:  Learn powerful memory tools for mastering information so you can retain and recall even the minutest details vital to your corporation's success.  Discover how to make your corporate communications easy to retain and recall to create rapport with your prospects and clients.

VII.  How To Develop Emotional Intelligence:    It's a fact that emotional intelligence is the greatest predictor of  success.   Learn powerful strategies for creating the emotional states essential for success.  Learn how to create the emotional states your prospects and clients need to successfully use your corporations products and services.